Day 168 (of 186) gotta make time to read for fun

Day 168 (of 186) gotta make time to read for fun

I asked my daughters if either of them had read a book that @pernilleripp recommended. When Pernille types, I listen! But I was a bit sad when I heard “if it was published in 2018, I haven’t had time to read it.

June is busy. But it shouldn’t be too busy to read those “paper tablets” – and our recent visit by our awesome Okanagan Regional Librarian-guru emphasizing summer reading blended into our final reaching challenge:

Reading a popular series. No questions (from me). Key expectation: find a series of books that will make you want to go to the library to read more – even reading just 100 words a day means the brain is processing 36,500 more than if it didn’t read. And I’ve promised my class that I would do the same – reading fo fun – fiction, not a “teacher book” and supporting what good readers do:

And while specific skills are nice, I wasn’t going to over emphasize what we’ve been talking about all year:

And of course, reading is more intriguing when it there are role models – how many homes are rich on books (and as much as I love paper-screens, I’m okay with e-reading too

I mean the good stuff that good readers do:

  • reread favourites (not for understanding meaning, but for fun – it can be fun to sit down and revisit some favourite characters – in my case I am reading some David Eddings on my iPad and have Princess Bride as my paper example
  • don’t worry about the reading level – independent reading (97% +) is important when doing reading for meaning (aka reading for a task) but not always necessary when exploratory reading – if it’s too complex, they’ll put it away
  • stop reading if you’re not finding it interesting….unless someone you trust told you to “keep going”…sometimes you have to take another’s advice…
  • Find something they love to read…whether it is Garfield or Rowling; a comic or a classic. Deep reads or spooky tales. These last weeks, I really hope to have each of my kiddos find something that hooks them into reading – because the good stuff that good readers do is:
  • find the time to read…not because someone tells them to, but because we want to.

Hmmm. Maybe I need to put these into a colourful bookmark type thingy….


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