Day 139 (of 186) in preparation for this weeks #bcedchat (Sunday 7pm) going paperless

Day 139 (of 186) in preparation for this weeks #bcedchat (Sunday 7pm) going paperless

I’m a librarian at heart (heck can’t spell it without IAN…😜) so I love paper. But as a learner it is a love-hate relationship.

I love the feel of paper books – everything from searching for rare first editions to mysteriously signed copies – I love books. And my comics – I love the smell, feel and colours. I appreciate how my iPad has a dozen books for me to be reading, looking back at and not weighing me down. But I love my bins of comics – both the one that are my official collection and the bins that have the comics I don’t mind if anyone reads…..

Though I once loved it, I learned to hate writing on paper. My penmanship – though with flashes of beauty (got a blue ribbon at a fall fair for penmanship but I’ll admit to many hours and internal curses it took to get it done) is more typically an “original font” and very hard to transcribe. But my typing….well that’s just as neat and easy to read as anybody else’s – so the focus is on the content rather than the neatness. (Scores and grades should never be based “neatness” – as a friend of mine said with his own ‘unusual font’ which was weirdly easy to read despite looking non-traditional).

And editing. Oh my – my greatest fear (that too often came true) was that on the ‘good copy’, which had to be error free, and invariably I would mess up on the last line of the page. And start again. And each effort would be designed to be a bit shorter – or wider gaps between the words or…. (credit for this approach to “creative” writing”? – on a FSA my son used this approach – his writing was brief but when I talked with him about why his final word was four pages long – big letters – and he share that the task asked to fill up to five pages, it didn’t say by using any range of words….a creative reading of the task not appreciated by all schools….) But when o first had a class set of laptops (a dozen years ago….) the mindset of some of my reluctant writers changed. When given feedback of what to improve, it didn’t mean re-writing from the start, but when a boy showed his two pages of script, much like The Odyssey was missing punctuation, it wasn’t a big deal for him to go back and add some capitals, commas and periods.

Also, I love sketchnoting – even more so since a friend shared Presentation Zen by Garr Reynolds – but rarely do I use pens but prefer pencils, sharpies and my Apple Pencil. And post-its – which would drive a mentor crazy since he wished both of his last VPs would’ve just written on pages (easier to find than small squares of paper). I’m still evolving to try this better on my iPad, and some amazing examples (Sylvia Duckworth) give me great hope!

Posters….not a bad way to start some graphic design thinking – but so much more limiting than on digital formats (and gave first rise to horrible term “cut and paste”). If keynote/ppt was in existence when I was a student, I think my scores on tasks would’ve increased a standard deviation.

Reading – for those that love it, they love it a lot. For those who see it as a daily struggle – well, the librarIAN in me comes out and is willing to find alternate means to help students find their way to a good story – from YouTube readings of fabulous picture books to mp3 books – my aha moment of this was when a struggling reader and an “exceeding expectations” reader were debating Lion Witch and the Wardrobe – one read the book the other heard it on mp3 and they both were using grade appropriate strategies and synthesis (Adrienne Gear would’ve been proud) despite “reading” differently.

My messages home are more via email and our eportfio systems – though we still send paper redundancies home for vital announcements or to “youngest in family” to preserve paper – though growing up in a lumber town in a province that grew up on wood and paper, I am willing to share that I like trees being chopped down for the paper being tossed into the recycle bin because it helps my friends stay employed – a hyperbole to be sure, but a reminder that paper does grow on trees….

I am classroom “paperless” – maybe paper-lite is better: we don’t use textbooks as I don’t (never had either) have a class that all has the same reading level and I can differentiate better than a 8 year old text. But I have shelves of books and bins of comics and picture books (and use picture books at all grade levels). I’ve been hitting the photocopier more than usual lately because I’ve been inspired to use a “daily write book” based on the book Wonder that has permeated our class in the daily write and morning precepts on our keynote daily calendar. We hit the computer lab regularly but when doing our design thinking we have a variety of options – sometimes guided on paper sometimes more “freestyle”. I still like “publishing to paper” at times even though a PDF goes into the efolio……

I can see a time when I will grisly be paperless but not until education becomes more okay with tech in the classroom; personal bugbear: kids off task reading a book or doodling/drawing get a gentle reminder, but if a “shiny screen” is the tool/toy then the world is burning and the devices should be banned (though no books are banned from schools nor pencils or paper from the rebel artists and despite the graffiti no “ban the pen/frindle” protests are underway. And for the no/anti-tech classrooms….well I’m sure that will come up on Sunday’s discussion….

interesting links:;sequence…

This chats questions : (card subject to change)

Q1: What does “paperless classroom” mean to you? #bcedchat

Q2: Share some reasons why moving to a “paperless classroom” might be a good idea #bcedchat

Q3: What are some complications in shifting to a “paperless classroom”? #bcedchat

Q4: What are your thoughts on: does paperless mean “no books”? “No textbooks”? Or “no paper creations”? #bcedchat

Q5: What are some “scary thinkings” about going paperless – for example, ways for math to be paperless….? #bcedchat

Q6: What are some reasons/times that classrooms/schools should NOT be paperless? #bcedchat

Q7: What tools and resources could be used to help someone shift towards “paperless”? #bcedchat

Q8: A worksheet that is PDF’d is still a worksheet – what is something you can do different this week to make a move away from a paper-based environment? #bcedchat

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