Day 133 (of 186) ah….nuts

Day 133 (of 186) ah….nuts

Anaphylaxis shock isn’t fun. Especially in schools. Its the reason why so many classrooms and schools have become ‘nut aware’ – and that’s a good thing. Not because we are trying to keep all nuts away from children – but because we have enough variety of choices, that we can help students become better aware over how to control their exposure to allergens. When children have significant health concerns connected to allergies, we can and should be doing what we can to limit that exposure. As kids get older, they can better understand and advocate for themselves – after all, we can’t keep peanut butter or dogs or pollen or or or away from everybody…..

But we do need to be aware of what may set off a bad reaction to our learners. One of my students brothers has a significant peanut allergy and as such I try to make sure that our students don’t have nuts in their lunch because it is possible for oils to be passed on and on via touches – so accidental or not, it is possible to trigger an allergic reaction from afar.

And of course where there is smoke there is fire: I’ve found but allergies to be very curious – sometimes it’s “all nuts” sometimes it’s specifically one type. Sometimes it evolves – and that was shared via a university professor who shared that due to his diving experiences he developed an allergy to a creature that (apparently) the first sting is free but each additional one makes you worse and worse.

So it’s always a important – especially with foods – and even more so at schools where kids will come in contact with foods they may never see at home – that if someone (especially younger students) is comparing after being around food, well – it’s better to be safe than sorry!

Is a this because we did have a young boy have to go to the hospital because of a reaction. And I’ll support that we can’t (and shouldn’t) be so overprotective that we don’t do anything, but when there is something we know we can be proactive of…..

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