Day 117 (of 186) Guided Reading – Using Comics to start conversations and inspire reading…..hopefully!

Guided Reading – Using Comics to start conversations and inspire reading…..hopefully


I’ve previously blogged about using comics to spark reading….


I have a few learners who don’t yet know the joy of reading. I’m trying – I’m going slower than I hoped to, but I’m trying to focus on quality to build an interest in reading quantity – and of course with today being International Women’s Day – today was the perfect opportunity to share the origin story of Diana Prince – the first female superhero: Wonder Woman (and yes – the girls in the class were VERY happy to read a story with a female lead….if you write them, they will read!


Recently I stumbled upon some one-page origin stories that I composed some thinking questions (not comprehension) to try to spark some conversations in Guided Reading – it even inspired some work around Design Thinking as we created our own Super Heros, Super Villains and Super Lairs (everyone wants a BatCave or Fortress of Solitude for their very own, right?)



Share….read…find “graphic novels” to explore and love! My son always likes to go against the flow, so of course he’s interested in Aquaman…..sigh….hurt a little until I stumbled upon the Peter David “reimagining” which started to make Aquaman cool (so much more than ‘talking with fishes’) Or check out some other great series to read – but be mindful that not all comics are Kid stuff…..! Best Comics to Start with      (and then follow the links on the side!)



Batman Hush Origin

batman origin

Batman origin story Qs

Captain Marvel Extended Origin

Captain Marvel Origin

Captain Marvel Origin Qs

Green Lantern Origin

Green Lantern Origin Qs

Hulk Origin

Hulk Origin Qs

Joker Origin

Joker Origin Qs

Riddler Origin

Riddler Origin Qs

Spiderman origin

SpiderMan Origin Qs

Superman Origin Qs

Superman Origin Story

Two Face Origin

Two Face Origin Qs

Wonder Woman Origin

Wonder Woman origin story Qs

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