Day 114 (of 186) the give and take of ‘team’

Day 114 (of 186) the give and take of ‘team’



It’s not always fun being part of a team. Working together takes trust and a willingness to  sometimes “take one for the team”. But working without a team is infinitely more challenging and difficult that working together.



For instance, hearing from one colleague about how a student arrived at school in tears (but not to the classroom with any evidence of tears) made it ‘easier’ – as I was prepared for ‘something’ – when the student suddenly has an outburst and renewal of tears.



But when we focus on “what is best for each student”, sometimes the team needs to make adjustments for that role to be successful. For instance, the switching around of a classroom assistant may benefit a student in another class, but create some turmoil in the class they leave (getting used to a new person always has challenges) BUT if we are focused on inclusion and meeting the needs of all learners, the team needs to make decisions on how to support ALL learners – and that means even if a change late in the school year needs to take place….it NEEDS to take place!



In our class, I know a change of who will be in the classroom with me will be difficult for some learners who don’t always deal well with change – but I know that they will adjust to it – and when the change means that another student will have their needs met….that’s a big WIN for the team!



Much in the same way that sometimes starting lineups get tweaked throughout the season – I think it is invaluable when schools aren’t afraid to do double, triple and even more-checks to see if the lineup is ‘right’ and make changes as needed….not TO any one member, but WITH every member of the team being thought of. So while I’m sad that the CEA I’ve been working with for most of the year is going to help another student – that is what the other student needs – and I will always promote and support the statement that student needs should ALWAYS trump my wants!


And being part of a team means we will always work together for ongoing success!


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