Day 109 (of 186) Monday’s after 3 day weekends are hard

Day 109 (of 186) Monday’s after 3 day weekends are hard

As my son said: when I can’t even make it through art, you know it’s a bad day. Then he tried to disappear into his jacket.

Another student had a hard time starting anything/everything (and during our after school debrief with mom, if that’s the worst part of three days away, that’s not too bad)

3 day weekends are the same as summer vacation to some learners! And the transition ain’t easy!

Another student refused to take his jacket off….we finally got him to exchange it for a hoodie so he doesn’t become too dependent on the security of the coat – which can too often/easily become like Schroeder’s blanket….

A learner I know was overwhelmed with what is being expected of her this week (public speaking + test + physio – soccer playing = tears and mixed emotions

A couple of times students made me realize I was a day behind in my “precepts share” (thanks to the Wonder 365 precepts book) as Tuesday’s is: its not what happens to you, but how you react that matters

Unfortunately a bump led to the reaction being a punch. And another punch….and some hard conversations about how each choice made things worse…not better (and our choices matter) Fortunately after a bit of a discussion (part of restitution) we were able to get things right so that a basketball game could successfully be attended.

Three day weekends feel that they should be positives, but I sometimes feel they are a better indicator of “daily disruptions” than the much more popular “full moon”.


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