Day 96 (of 186) seasons of ch-ch-ch-change…..? different is good. Differentiation is greater. 

Day 96 (of 186) Seasons of ch-ch-ch-change…..? Different is good. Differentiation is greater.


So….Blockbuster is no longer selling CDs

and the american newspaper may be dying….still/more??



and I had a chat with a student during our recess supervision walk about how he needs bluetooth headphones in order to hear from his iPhone since Apple changed and killed the 3.5mm jack (as they had previously led to the end of “floppy” disks and CD/DVD drives previously)



and of course some people are freaking out – especially since other stores are also getting out of the CD market (yet ironically I can find vinyl in these and other places that don’t sell CDs….) but there must be a reason why these changes are happening – if these stores were making profits they would continue – much as in education we look to see if student are progressing with what we do or….we change things up….right? And newspapers are losing out to more personalized forms of media – instead of having ‘a’ reporter, there are a variety of points of views that can look at a story….and very personalized approaches – not one-size-fits-all media but “what I want/need when I need it” – I could say I have fond memories of getting the morning newspaper when I was a kid – but because of the press run to get the provincial newspaper to us via the morning train, I never got the scores for my @Mariners until the next day (tv stations never told me the scores I wanted either) so I was often 36-48 hours behind!



so we gotta admit – sometimes the good ole’ days…..weren’t…..too many don’t have great memories of schooling (when asked about why math is being taught different I love asking if math was their favourite subject in school – not nearly enough have said yes – I believe my number is “1”)



it also tied in with the (finally) release of the apple home speaker system – the homepod – – which is great….as long as you have an apple music account (which I do since with teenagers it is SO much more affordable that Columbia Record House and A&B Sound were when I was growing up!) sometimes what is new is better…..even though its different…..but when we can personalize it (right speaker with right playlist…)



yesterday I blogged about a @gcouros tweet about personalized learning ….. and I’ve been thinking even more that this may be ‘the disruption’ that eduction has been looking for (unlike blockbuster not looking at netflix and Sam Goody not looking at apple music)



and I know ‘personalized learning” and UDL also make people nervous. But there are good reasons to personalize. At @starbucks I like the menus cool lime refresher but I ❤️ it made with lemonade!


different is good. Differentiation is greater.

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Principaling on the Pacific in Powell River BC Pushing 'technologization' in education: blending technology and curriculum seamlessly. Advocate for better understanding of Anxiety in Education (and use of self-regulation) Utilizing ePortfolios & Descriptive Feedback to personalize learning!
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