Day 89 (of 186) board – not bored – games

Day 89 (of 186) board – not bored – games

Our latest design thinking activity: building a board game. And using the principles of SOLEs – self organized learning environments. Which meant students set size and complexity of groups. The guidelines? Needs to be fun and easy enough to understand by students because on Friday…..a whole-school board game afternoon to celebrate Unplug & Play week….

And as expected, it is easy to get excited about making a game, but creating a new one….that’s enjoyable…and easy enough to play….not so easy. Which is why some opted to create a snakes & ladders styled game

But some wanted used a figurine spinner as inspiration and worked out how a game could work with it….only real struggle was the fear that the spinner would break with students-other-than-the-owner pulling the spinner cord….

And some got complex on the playing board while struggling to put the instructions into easy-to-follow-text (a key goal linked to our communication competency)

But all groups worked well to have something to bring into the gym on Friday.

And playing was definitely the goal. To make “I’m bored” games into “what do you mean board game time is over”

It’s always a nice reminder about how many skills can get reinforced and practices with during boars games. Communication. Numeracy. Finding out if you are a good winner….or good loser…..or not…..

Taking turns. Playing fair. Helping others with the rules. Being social. Kind of like a learning-community kindergarten!

I love seeing the kiddos take an idea to “publication” in our design learning time – and seeing everyone exploring a variety of board games makes me feel good about how our kids can and do work together while thinking both critically and creatively! And realize that being unplugged does not mean “being bored” but opportunities to find other (traditional) games that were fun once upon a time….and can still be fun!

Which is a great segue to reminding everyone that Feb 7 “Global Day of Play” is coming up!

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