Day 88 (of 186) the “ @Apple ad” controversy of “what’s a computer”

Day 88 (of 186) the “Apple ad” controversy of “what’s a computer”

Saw my twitter timeline and laughed. Perhaps, once again Apple gets to take some heat for being ahead of the curve? Because I like the commercial. It connected with me because my own use of the iPad Pro has me saying that less and less I am using……my computer….. In the education game, I have been encouraging the use of tablets (mainly the iPad) as a way to help expedite the move away from computer lab/office cube mindsets to a mobile way of doing all things tech…..because mobility + portability = personalization (and even though some techies like to rant that it’s not a “we-pad” it is still a tool that can be used collaboratively …. just differently than the lab mindset has trained us to be “necessary”)

The computer as we used it is fading. There may still be a purpose for some users to have access to the larger horsepower that a traditional computer continues to have….but I’m not sure for how much longer. After all, I still remember when Apple did the unthinkable and stopped providing a floppy disk drive (“CDs are too expensive” was the cry)

And then later stopped using CD/DVD drives. The cry changed again to “what? CDs are how everything is transferred!”

And now we are at the point where my wife asked if we had an old CD player for her to take to a daycare. Not for a few years. My CD and most of my DVDs have gone to the cloud. Crazy….? We still have a couple of old laptops with DVD drives just in case….but less and less in case….

While Apple sometimes gets criticized for not being a leader in radical change lately (like the wait for its home speaker unit) it still gets things done well – touch screens phones and those other things we take for granted.

I love it when Apple mucks up the computer scene. Kinda predicts what will be the main use of tech in the future. Because a tablet is the best tool for most users….most users don’t use all the potential of a laptop….

But apples mantra has always been to “think different” and that’s what the commercial (to me) is emphasizing- you don’t have to go to a computer to do something….it’s right with you and might be able to do more than the traditional computer (esp with camera/video/coding) and the one advantage it still has over a chromebook is that it works asynchronously with wifi – you can do work on a project and synch it to your other devices when back in a wifi range (or if you’re a fancy pants you can get it to connect to the ever present cell service….)

So while the iMac is still here…I know the one in our house doesn’t get nearly as much use as my wife thought it would….

And a tablet is different from a computer. The mindset to mobility is a paradigm shift from straight computing. Especially in education. There are things we can do only with a mobile device…not just writing reports but creating true multi media presentations.

Apple has disrupted its own industry several times.

An accessible home desktop ✔️

Graphics interface instead of Command:

A reliable laptop ✔️ (even the Apple IIc was a big deal but my first laptop is now 20 years old and still turns on)

A mobile device (first iPod touch transformed how reading happened in my class with MP3s making literature available to kids who struggled with decoding words) and music teachers loved the iPod mini! ✔️

Death to the floppy disk drive ✔️

Death to the CD/DVD ✔️

Conversion from mouse to trackpad ✔️

Goodbye to USB……? Soon? C is gone…..

Flash? Surprises me when some games still ask for it…

Computer…..hey – think different. It helps!

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