Day 82 (of 186) sharing some thoughts re “free play” @perfinker @bedleybros

Day 82 (of 186) sharing some thoughts re “free play”


During our staff meeting, a couple of “interesting” opportunities came up!


The third week-ish of January has been our district & community’s Unplug & Play week (yes, I did my customary “boo”-tease for this event) – I’m not opposed to unplugging…in fact, my class gets outside often – and I can even plug the Walking Curriculum by @perfinker

as I believe in balance – yes to Tech, yes to outdoors……almost a “culture of yes”….!


Our community has a variety of family events planned – from family snowshoeing (no experience necessary) to sledding events to reading with our local hockey team. Our school is doing similar – afternoon board games and “a day outside” are being plotted…. it even made me connect to another great “opportunity” to explore ‘changing the classroom rules’ – The Global Day of Play initiated by the @bedleybros for Feb 7th – an opportunity (excuse?) to do different….to enable some “freedom” -with my own reminder about the need for over 45 minutes of “uninterrupted play” before “deep play” is experienced:

So….sometimes more is more….in a very good way….!


And then I stumbled onto another possible event, January 29th is Puzzle Day….got me thinking about a “day of puzzles”  – playing, making, creating, solving…..could be an interesting opportunity!  And it’s nice to see so many others embracing “learning through play” no matter what the age – Tim & Scott Bedley getting an international movement going….. SFU professor Gillian Judson sharing her work on a “walking curriculum” all giving permission (Do we need this permission?) to try some things differently… engage and encourage different ways to learn… worksheet does not fit all….any??


I enjoyed sharing some of these ideas with the rest of the staff….hoping that more and more take a risk to try a day of “different” – so that different isn’t so unusual…

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