Day 80 (of 186) theme days and “deadlines”

Day 80 (of 186) theme days and “deadlines”

This week has marked a full shift of thematic days with my class. Positive attitudes and good flow through the day.

I’m still thinking about shifting my themes though. Thinking rather than “a day of science” shifting to “a day about cars” (as an example). It would still allow me to have discussions (as we did today) about potential and kinetic energy. Though I did like how we were able to talk about gravity and space as well during our “day of science” :

Marbles rolled across a mat showed how things change when we add “gravity” at first a basketball which made the marbles roll in a curve. Then adding a medicine ball to see what happens when a black hole gets involved! Nice to have a visual like this for the kids to make connections to – one even tried to stretch our thinking by having us try to imagine it not as a flat plane but as a circle…..360 degrees of gravity. Wish I had a mat to show that!! But I did have balloons so we could draw on galaxies and then see how far they moved from each other in an expanding universe theory.

We then extended our thinking on potential and kinetic energy by talking about Newton’s three laws:

Which led to some fun discussion about friction and vehicles….so we started building vehicles – using either balloons from our expanding universe visual or rubber bands!

Cardboard base

Old CDs and DVDs for wheels

Straws with skewers for axels

Then the “fuel source” of their choice

And then the challenge to decorate (aerodynamics coming up next!)

But then one of Einstein’s greatest adversaries became our own enemy: time

We ran out of it before we could do our races – and one learner had a rough time because he knew the bell would toll soon and he wasn’t done – and he did not like the uncertainty of when “next time” would be.

With a thematic day…should our next day of science be the same time next week? While it could….rules are not set in stone! So “next time” will be the next day (Monday) to keep the enthusiasm going – our days of ____ are a mindset, not based on an artificial calendar deadline – cause the learning ain’t over till it’s authentically over!

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