Day 75 (of 186) my Pinterest moment

Day 75 (of 186) my Pinterest moment

I’m hard on myself when it comes to art. I know my Pollock art creations and a few others have been well received….but I never really had something that was “mine” – though my daughters remind me that my “Santa’s watching you is creepy-cool…..

But as we got ready for a multi-aged group activity for exploring Christmases around the world I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do at first….then while I was looking at some nesting Starbucks cups that my daughter got at work, I had an inspiration on how I could share my Ukrainian heritage by having the visitors to my classroom make their own nesting dolls…

I started with a shape tracing at various sizes

PDF:  babushkas

Then we cut the outside of the shape – but not where the black lines meet….that is where we fold them

And by cutting and folding each sized shape….

And then the folded and staples babushkas fit inside each other…then you can decorate (though we didn’t have much time to get too elaborate)

But there was time for some to get some creative ideas!

And the even better part is that while I’m not sharing this until right before the winter break….Ukrainian/Russian orthodox Christmas isn’t until January 7 (we don’t take our family tree down until then – it’s not that we are lazy – it’s by design! Really!!) so it’s a great back-to-school activity in January as well!

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