Day 73 (of 186) a day of building and tearing aparts

Day 73 (of 186) a day of building and tearing apart

I’ve heard the phrase “de-constructed” a lot in education. I like how it is used in restaurants to essentially have the pieces of a meal separated (and I know a few who don’t like the foods on their plates to touch each other and contaminate the eating process)

I like it when it is used to break complex actions into smaller, more manageable pieces (so that the sum is greater than what the individual parts may be worth….) and today is a thematic “building” day….and with any construction projects there is always a need to take some things apart. Sometimes metaphorically…sometimes literally.

Today we focused our day around “building and unbuilding”

And to practice the required skill of “delayed gratification” we even tried the marshmallow test (one marshmallow in front of you. If it’s still there in 10 minutes you get another one) and I was pleasantly surprised that only one student did not get a second marshmallow!

After our morning movement and Gym to start the day, we worked on finishing our design thinking project on building restaurants. As what became a common theme….then the bell went.

So after recess we had a rotation of building (keva sticks, lego, mbot, Star Wars mindstorm, construction set) and some take-aparts (opening up an old iBook and G5 desktop) to see what makes them work – and with the condition that we disassemble it in a way that we can put it back together – not just breaking it to get inside (as much as one student REALLY wanted to crack it!)

And then our 45 minutes came to an end – though some chose to continue to work on the centres while I set up their building challenge

The building challenge included the marshmallows earlier (of a few different sizes) with toothpicks to make the biggest tower or bridge that they could. And I think my influence may be rubbing off on some of them…..

And again a student wanted to continue building while we were supposed to be eating lunch…..

But the building Day was moving on….and out – for an outdoor education “break” to build some snowflake art in the snow….

But when time was up, we weren’t done yet, because we still had to build a “something” – of which I planted the seeds of earlier and throughout the day. Adding more and more things to the top of the Maker Cart

So that we could close the day with some free builds – and many chose to make something for their moms and dads (iPhone holders and cases were popular ideas) but exploring the tools was fun too (as one sanded the cane he was using in his “movie trailer”).

A good day where we had to work on collaboration strategies (not just group work where one person does all the work but where “experts” are consulted because they did something pretty cool and others wanted to explore how to do it too!

‘Tis the season when students are getting excited and sometimes have difficulty focusing….and “keeping up”….so I’m trying to keep the days fun…but structured –> and the 45/15 Finnish bell schedule is having a very positive influence very early on!

The calmer our mindsets can be as we practice our learning, (and big projects and daily themes can be very comforting) the easier it will be to focus on Learning at what is a very distracting time of year…..😜

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Principaling on the Pacific in Powell River BC Pushing 'technologization' in education: blending technology and curriculum seamlessly. Advocate for better understanding of Anxiety in Education (and use of self-regulation) Utilizing ePortfolios & Descriptive Feedback to personalize learning!
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