Day 72 (of 186) day of music and 45/15 schedule still working

Day 72 (of 186) day of music and 45/15 schedule still working

I think I’m really liking the 45/15 Finnish schedule (45 mins of work with a scheduled 15 minute “distraction” break) because even though I am a proponent of doing what many ordinary teachers already do on breaking up the day….the “scheduled” 15 minute break is more tactile than “taking a break when students need it” (which I have long supported – even when it was less than 10 minutes after the first bell (true story!). So while I might be off here and there by a minute or five, the schedules intent remains consistent this week….and I appreciate how effective it seems to be on days like today: days with our music teacher (honestly my class does not seem to like significant changes to the adult in the room [me] as a couple of TTOCs have reported back to me….)

But today was Music Day! So going to the music room for some music games should be a positive experience no matter what….but I know better.

So we started with a preview of the day (this hasn’t changed) along with reminders of when the mini-recess breaks would be (this is new)

So after our usual weekly assembly and PE game we had our morning “free break” (gym or classroom or outside – I just need to know where so I can adjust my supervision path)

Then we explored GarageBand with an opening tutorial and some group focused exploration to put together a 1-2 minute song.

That made the official recess arrive very quickly!

And then chasing them into music class….and after that another break (this time the computer lab or classroom or outside – again so I know where to “supervise”) and then we focused on putting pictures to lyrics on PowerPoint to create a music video….and again the lunch bell arrived too early!

After lunch was our usual silent reading (we are still not very good at this but are showing signs of improvement) and then finished Frindle – a great book to use to talk about why words are words (and the power of student ownership….and maybe even the importance of having a villain to overcome when taking on a significant venture…..but I want to believe the removal of obstacles is of greater importance??). That’s for another blog though…..

And then it was time to “finish music” – as much done on our videos or original scores as possible! And again the final bell rang too soon!

Now I won’t pretend that every one of my students thrived….I have one who is stuck on an article they read from 2010 about an asteroid that may be on a collision course with earth in 2030 “and it must be true because it was in an online magazine” – great learning/teaching opportunity here, but not today…..might be tomorrow (I’m sure I can fit it into our “building/year apart day” somehow or other!)

But no one was asked to stop by the office (not even during our longer recess times – which had been an emerging trend I was about to monitor closer) and I didn’t have to give the “tool or toy” reminder as often as I did last week….and being only a couple sleeps away from winter vacation….I was curious how the week would go!)

Two good days….so I anticipate some backsliding tomorrow….because while I have shifted my mindset over the years from “embracing chaos” to “trusting the process”….I know the process better and better and know that steady improvement is rarely ever steady!

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