Day 58 (of 186) Hey Jealousy

Day 58 (of 186) Hey Jealousy


I admit to liking the Gin Blossoms song….and it pops up on those occasional times where I have to admit that I’m jealous. And today was a day where the pupil surpassed the master. As my daughter is preparing for what’s after K-12 (and she is accepting offers from interesting engineering programs that want a talented female learner!) she decided she needed a good computer….



So that meant getting a new computer and she opted to pick one that I could only drool over – a new macbook pro with the Touch Bar.  She has been working hard and knows that she wants/needs a machine that will last her a couple of years (and she would like to have something that is better than her dads….) We were looking over the features of her new baby and we noticed something that connected to that element of “jealousy” – silence.



For years of trying to bring iPads as the ‘next big’ mobile device (I think better than the iBooks I had used previously) I kept hearing about ‘the iPad killer’ – which, unless you count the iPad mini, never came. but there were always arguments about the touch screen (I tried so many that were not responsive) and the availability of apps (I still laugh at some of the discussions I was involved in a bunch of years ago around this). Now I will admit that due to the need for competition that Android has put together some good devices (but also some sketchy ones) and a good Play store.  And I like the potential of Chromebooks as long as there is a robust wifi signal….really tempted to explore this more (alas, our district isn’t on board [yet] so I can’t play with the Google Classroom potential).



But my daughters machine has this little bar – the Touch Bar….and this is interesting. A smaller touch surface compared to other devices that are experimenting with touch screens. And with Apple being ‘the target’ for so many competitors (which as an apple fan of the 80s who was very nervous during the 90s, this is “all good”) I thought that by now I would’ve seen machine manufacturers pointing out this difference – a bar vs a screen. But my daughter and I realized that element of jealousy: when something doesn’t work, it is easy to target – or when you think you could’ve done as good or better……but the Touch Bar is a great interface to the machine….and the touchscreens I’ve used on a variety of devices have some occasional “issues”. I know it will get better, but today is not that day.




Tomorrow we can drive around this town

And let the cops chase us around

The past is gone but something might be found

To take its place…hey jealousy



My main laptop is now jealous of the tool being used on the other side of the couch….but then again I am shifting my mindset towards the iPad platform with its greater portability (love my iPad Pro!). Indeedthe past is gone and something has been found to take its place….hope my daughter will loan it to me to play with it a bit! Sigh – or at least maybe she’ll let me touch it soon….


Image result for the student has become the master gif



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