Day 57 (of 186) ‘the bottom line’ – another “what would @tweetsomemoore do”

Day 57 (of 186) ‘the bottom line’

In theory, consequences are: if student does x then y happens. But it’s not even that cut and dry in math let alone when people are involved.

Even trickier when wondering how a culture can be impacted by students making bad choices and getting a reset the next day (or the next block -I’m okay with that too, but I know I’m a little ‘different’). And there is an aspect of truth….teachers are being watched – one eye to see what other students do and the other to see what the adults do. Is “justice ever as simple as an action = a consequence? I hope not.

Inclusion ain’t easy – but it’s worth it. And inclusion is not just about keeping kids that would (should) be in an alt program in a classroom -it’s about designing a community (where fair isn’t always equal and I regularly ask “what would @tweetsomemoore say and do”). Students aren’t round pegs and they shouldn’t be fit into square holes (heard this analogy too many times) the toy I prefer:

There’s a hole for everyone -just sometimes takes a few tries and attempts (and reattempts) for everyone to fit. Which is why I applaud school PVPs who make the more complex choice -to keep students connected to the community (except where time & space may be required -as a Counsellor I worked with said via a program she uses: rock brain aka stuck minds)

It may be easier to have “a child” out of the class community, but we always need to be mindful of why they are out and why they are in the community – both at the classroom and school level – and even the larger neighbourhood as well…. As my class reads the book Wonder – one of the key takeaways I am thinking about more often is a common phrase (even on my bulletin board)

If you have a choice between doing something right and being kind, choose kind. – Dr Wayne Dyer

And much like the equation of “behaviour = consequence”, if it were that simple and easy, everyone would do it. But even though it’s not easy, it is worth it because a) kids do what they see (both positive and ‘other’ but also b) students are watching what the adults are doing….and why…..

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