Day 53 (of 186) relying on the kindness of strangers

Day 53 (of 186) relying on the kindness of strangers

The quote may have started with “a streetcar named desire” but I love it when “bonus people” come into the classroom. I’ve had parents emerge and lead discussions (and projects!) on environmental stewardship and itinerant workers come in to talk about how brains work (which blends in so nicely with my work on mental wellness and the Friends For Life program – and bonus connection to the character Blanche DuBois). Today, our regularly scheduled Recreational Mathematics program is being enhanced by our numeracy lead teacher coming in to talk to our class about ways to multiply <— some ways that I’ve seen but never had the confidence to lead!

We started with a refocus on mental math including some rules to help us with some numbers:

2x = double

9x = Hand rule – count the fingers from left to right and out down the finger you stop on. What’s on the left is your tens and the right is your ones

Then we shifted into the funner stuff: area model multiplication

(Similar to this)

There’s more to come – in upcoming sessions we are going to continue to reinforce the mental math “sight equations” that makes it easier to have fun with numbers and explore some more strategies to extend our thinking and the way we look at math. The class gets to see some team-teaching and the math teacher gets a class of volunteers to experiment/practice with…..with a common goal of making math a favourite subject!

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