Day 52 (of 186) where I fear to tread: paint (but someone else showed I need not fear it)

Day 52 (of 186) where I fear to tread: paint (but someone else showed I need not fear it)

Today I sent a note to a TTOC who was in for me while I was at a doctor appointment, because they said that they brought paint in for the kids to use during listening time….something that I appreciate, but I know I am not always the best at using paint in the class (ends up on floors….clothes…….and that’s just from my modelling) But the TTOC is more confident and showed the class how to use it responsibly….and they wanted to show me…..

My note:

Wanted to thank you for coming in on Friday – especially since your introduction to the kids of painting as a self regulation strategy has continued – yesterday the kids asked if they could paint while I was reading and I noted that you said they did a good job so after a few fake “maybe….maybe nots” on my part, I said they could show me how they could handle it and be responsible….and they did! Love it! I’ve been nervous about bringing paint into this class….not I’m not! Thanks for coming in!

I am a believer in art therapy and loved that someone with more confidence than I am to take a risk and introduce an activity that she felt might connect with our learners!

I do appreciate it when people find ways to support my learners. I just received some math ideas from one of our district math support teachers because she liked some of the project based learning I am using to anchor (make meaningful) the math topics (like area and perimeter for our Restaurants)

It’s the power of having an asynchronous & real time Professional Learning Network….educators adding to each other’s environment – either directly or inspirationally. And this is why I add a caveat on any of my day plans for a TTOC – feel free to bring in personal strengths and change the day….because taking advantage of teachable moments isn’t just when students high jack the day plan…but when bonus expertise enters the room as well….we have a special guest coming in tomorrow….so….to be continued!

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Principaling on the Pacific in Powell River BC Pushing 'technologization' in education: blending technology and curriculum seamlessly. Advocate for better understanding of Anxiety in Education (and use of self-regulation) Utilizing ePortfolios & Descriptive Feedback to personalize learning!
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