Day 45 (of 186) #RemembranceDay with thanks to @fborfw


Day 45 (of 186) #RemembranceDay


Being in a new school this year, I need to start by admitting that I really miss the live bagpipes that I was fortunate to have played by a retired member of the Candian Legion for the past five years. He helped me craft my own assembly order ensuring that I had the placement of music properly set up and I was able to use his involvement in our assemblies to have our flags set up in our gym in the right way (even on the wall, the Canadian Flag is always supposed to be on the left – or ideally on both sides of a row of flags). And while I usually like to dedicate a lot of Remembrance Day Assemblies that I do to music, this year is different and I am instead focusing on cartoons….

Because my biggest worry was nicely shared the other day in For Better or For Worse by Lynn Johnston




We did some art in class for the annual poster/writing contest provided by the Canadian Legion (and some bonus prizes provided for the BC/Yukon branch) as an “anchor” for why we spend time on November 11th Remembering the actions of our armed forces both in times of war and during times of Peace Keeping Missions. It’s not always easy talking about wars and why we need to remember the sacrifices made by people generations earlier – but that’s why we need to spend more time Remembering. Even now we have family members and friends serving in Armed Forces and it is important to acknowledge that the work of soldiers in Peace Keeping missions is vital as a way to avoid another world-wide military conflict.


I always tell my students that the School Remembrance Assembly is one of the most important to me….and acknowledge that it can be a weird one as we do not applaud any performances that are shared (and this year’s grade 2 class did one of the best readings of In Flanders Field I’ve seen – clear voices and great use of props!)


And hopefully more and more students need to learn about why we wear Poppies as a way of remembering and acknowledging the sacrifice some people have made to protect our country and to help keep people living in peace and safety….and maybe not really know what a “war” is…


Image result for remembrance day for better or for worse



Bu there are always going to be reasons to remember the actions of people who are willing to make sacrifices for safety and peace and freedom





and it’s vital to remember to say Thank You while you have the chances….




especially as each year passes…






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