Day 36 (of 186) re Taming the Worry Dragon

Day 36 (of 186) re Taming the Worry Dragon

I’ve been sneaking away from my class while they are in music and joining a Grade 2 Classroom. I had heard that there was some noticeable anxiety with the classroom so I offered to introduce one of my favourite picture-book styled Intervention: Taming the Worry Dragon

I appreciate how it brings a few key concepts around anxiety (but expands easily into other discussions around mental wellness). 

I firmly believe that the more frequently and comfortably we talk about mental health the easier it will be to ask specific questions (this will be a common theme of mine in #Movember) and I am happy to start the conversation (appropriate for the age) in primary learning years – mindful that skills needed by anxious learners benefits all, which means it is very inclusionar – which means it meets my “what would @tweetsomemoore do” reflection question. 

I particularly appreciate how the book admits that worries are okay (anxiety keeps us safe!) but too much attention focused on them makes them grow too big – and a connection to tomatoes is fun because I get to share that I hate tomatoes (so much so that I used to sell the tomato plants my dad grew the way other kids sell lemonade!) but I do like what tomatoes provide like ketchup soup and sauce – but I want to keep things under control because nobody wants so many tomatoes (worries) that they are everywhere – tomato cookies anyone?

I’m glad I’ve been able to bring this resource to more students and share that we can have fun while dealing with what can become a serious topic.  If you haven’t heard of it, check it out – it compliments and connects nicely with other programs like Friends For Life (more on that later)!

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