Day 33 (of 186) design thinking – sharing my process

Day 33 (of 186) design thinking – sharing my process
Today we started a new design thinking project: creating a restaurant! I also received a couple of questions about the Design Thinking I do in the classroom – so I thought I would start sharing the process we are using AND create a new section for Design Thinking on my blog site!

Ideation is important.

I believe it is important to provide TIME to help in the design thinking challenge. So today we started by introducing the concept of a restaurant, knowing that our first thinkings today may change along the way….perhaps even as quick as tomorrow!

So I always start with Ideation – posing a theme to allow the brain time to percolate – after all, there is a reason why great ideas often come to us when we are in the shower or driving – the processing time in the background is invaluable (in fact, I have been known in the past to schedule boredom breaks in order to have the brain have some time to process the thinking it’s been doing)

And I love the thinking and sharing that can occur – especially trying to figure out what type of restaurant they want to be (I liked hearing an idea of a food truck too!) based either on their food preferences or a theme (as a kid I thought I might open Pizza Castle, but instead my pizza making remains a home-based business focused on making daddy-pizzas at home – albeit with the introduction of BBQ pizza thanks to a fathers day gift 2 years ago) or my own Computer Hut menu project in elementary school (appies were ‘bits and bytes’ <–I remain proud of that one!).

And while the ideas start small…..

….I look forward to seeing how it spirals into other subjects. Including todays focus in writing: juicy sentences. So far student writing has been rather “list-like”. So today they had to create a menu description for a possible “speciality of the house” (or their favourite food) and the task: they had to make me want to order it – and by the end of the session, they all accomplished that goal!

And I know it’s going well when students opt to do some more work on this topic during their #geniushour – now some were warned not to go to far (as far as building their restaurant out of cardboard) because we had to do some math with it – graph paper to design it “to a scale” ….

….and I’m looking forward to questions coming up around area and perimeter!

What I like about Design Thinking is how the planning and plotting continues to grow and expand….such as when my first draft of this blog disappeared and as I was retyping it, a new version of the Mini Maple arrived:

and when students choose to do this “work at home” (very different than homework) it makes me feel good about the design thinking process…so this is the first blog on a series showing how I choose to go through the process with my class – from posing a theme/question and starting the ideation phase (with lots of drawing and a little bit of writing) and added a new section to my blog site for design thinking: with some shares from the internet and some of my own thinking as well!

Step One: Plant the seed

In this case: you are building a restaurant. What will you serve? (thanks to our work with Caine’s Arcade they already know we will be doing some building)

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