Day 32 (of 186) #InnovateED17 thoughts 

Day 32 (of 186) #InnovateED17 thoughts 

What started as a small Kendal of an idea of having an alternate pro-d option than the superconference in Vancouver has been well received. As an organizing group we hoped to have up to 200 but today we welcomed over 450 with vr goggles
Popped into an friends (Megan Lee who I worked with in Lumby)session about tech-buddies – and LOVE that she promoted creating over consuming ( she said consume vs make) – moving from play to purpose <—love this description for coding mindsets!! Not just doing it, but doing it for an audience (my thought – buddies as a test group and then expanding to a larger audience) -being mindful of who will see it (shouldn’t just be the teacher!) Megan using the term make instead of create also was a good connection (to me) for connecting to MakerSpaces!

Great sharing coding game – in partners using only 5 commands forward backward turn right turn left and stop to go from point a to b. And allow for oozing debugging – on computer and in real life!

 And how a simple grid can become a complex program – moving across a grid and avoiding obstacles (nice connection with Cubettto robot from Primo!) that can be drawn or use physical objects!

I also like the cup coding ( ⬆️ pick up cup; ⬇️ set cup down; ➡️ move 1/2 cup width right; ⬅️ move 1/2 cup width left)

Love Megan supporting my belief in letting learners ‘suffer’ -but collaboratively -we don’t (and shouldn’t) always be there to rescue right away. Let learners get into and then out of frustration by “trying something” (and sharing successes with others)

myBluePrint (All About Me Portfolio) – new program for K-6 schools – needs to be licensed by district – accesses SIS to create student accounts
Focus is on Learning not just the tasks (This is important to me)
Benefits (and each province is different from each other(
Allows students to showcase their plans, growth and progress

Encourages self assessment and reflection

Explore occupations (ie Career Education K-6 Curriculum)

Core Competencies

Integrates with myBlueprint EP Portfolio (7-12)

Ties to K-6 curriculum

Lesson Plans

Parent Engagement

Easy login process

Inquiry based Framework:
Who Am I? What are my opportunities?
Who do I want to become? What is my plan for achieving my goals?

Good discussion in the group around helping students take ownership of identifying what the opportunities for themselves are and not just being told what to do!

Demo – emphasized how it connects to the student information system the district uses and has options for english and french
Popular feature is building their own avatar to reflect who they are


myPortfolio (journal, artifacts)

Activities (classroom activities)

My Future (career component)



mobile friendly and accessible on any tech device

Open Ended way: upload a file (writing, video, ppt)
Directed Pathway: teacher directed/supported

Having Goals be SMART



achievable/agreed upon



I do like the idea of adding ‘tags’ – creating folders within the folders – having boxes with key tags being able to “come to the front” and be all that is seen. 

Click on top right of box, there are two types of tags – one for student other for teacher

Neat game focus for careers that are set up by grade level (so games are set for typical accessibility based on skills they should have – ie matching game, but students have access to all games – so there is some differentiation) clicking on jobs gives more information about the careers that they are showing interest in.

Teacher dashboard – has demo setup to ‘see’ what the student efolio “looks” like. 
Different teachers can have the same students in ‘their class’ – so can have 4/5 but also based on literature circles; music teachers can have access etc.
I like the bulletin feature (something I use a lot in my @freshgrade portfolios – the messaging to specific student(s) is very important and I’m glad to see this here!

Examples from real school:

1. All students use AAM to run Student lEd conferences

2. All students set Learning Skills goals after report cards

3. Monthly: students use AAM for character education and reflect on the character trait of ht month

4. All grade 56 students trained as AAM Ambassadors to support younger students with portfolio building

5. School teams/clubs use AAM for goal setting

6. Sept/Oct- share AAm with parents at curriculum night

7. Each term: discuss and share AAM with parent interviews

8. June; All students add a journal entry to share reflect on their favourite memory from the year.
Feeds show what students have added to their portfolio (by date or tag)
Parents get a “view only” account – but they can Comment on the discussion threads

While my district “can’t” use google – which has been a reason why I haven’t been quick to get “google certified”, really appreciated the info at

But….need to get google classroom approved in our district (in no small part so we can use chrome books for what they are meant for: google. Not O365…or even iWorks – just because it “can” work doesn’t mean it should! (My comparison – putting 85 octane in a car that needs 92 super unleaded)t

Some great Mindsets to get into Google is to Model the Way!
Share powerful examples

Resist the “Office urge”

Live in the Google Workd (collaboration)

Help a colleague get started

Create share collaborate!
And device agnostic!


And our final activity was to explore the Microbit (I needed a hands-on session!) a “gateway device” to get ready for raspberry pi and to do coding with/on device. A small device 4cmx5cm and affordable – under $25
a powerful mini computer that does a couple (entry points) things very well!

(this could be a neat addition to MakerSpace kits…..!)

Worked well with the laptop but not so easy to connect with the iPad. Another need: more time – but it was great to have some hands on time with a tool that could help enhance coding in classrooms!

Final thoughts: I was happy to see so many educators at different levels of tech-readiness attend our conference. Lots of positive comments and connections going on throughout the day – I didn’t even come close to seeing and talking with everybody I hoped to! But there’s always tech ways to stay communicating and collaborating until #InnovativeED18


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