Day 23 (of 186) #T(ec)hursday – the Cardboard Arcade afternoon 

Day 23 (of 186) #T(ec)hursday – the Cardboard Arcade afternoon 

A bunch of days ago we watched Caine’s Arcade and got inspired to create our own class Arcade…..with an authentic deadline: as we are having Tech Thursday’s [#T(ec)hursday) and wanted to invite our other classmates in on one of these days….so like a show or game, we had an authentic deadline – people were coming!

In our design thinking, we blended exploration with design and sketch-planning!  That led to actualization: building machines. Some were ready to get right into it….a few tested their ideas with “sample groups” -asking how much people would pay for each of his ideas….he went with his idea for “dance dance revolution” – and some struggled with getting started (this is always anticipated, and is one of the times where I guide students onto zones of frustration to help them find stratetegies to independently get out of it: its okay to get frustrated it’s not okay to stay frustrated. 

Sure some were adding final details instead of coming to gym….some were experiencing  some stage fright and asked people to test their games some more to make sure they were just right. Even I got nervous and added a “construction area” (wood blocks) and a “break table” with kinetic sand and magnets….and a robot zone before I returned some robots to our district resource center. 

And then the audience arrived 

And got to try out our games:

A fair always needs a haunted house! (The Silly string was very effective and may have inspired an October project…)

The skiball game was good but the amount of time the student spent figuring out how to do a ball return was very impressive!

I was really impressed by the mini pool table!  The pockets took a couple of redos!

Dance Dance Revolution! Seriously! Colours on a loop! Multiple speeds! Love that this student pulled this off!!

From a fixed mindset (this is impossible) to a growth mindset where appearance suddenly became important and expanding a “hole in a box” became a popular target game!

A target game with many different balls to choose from! ⚽️ 🏀 🏈 ⚾️ and tickets to win a toy!
Another stuck mindset which changed when we realized we could make “cups” for a tic tac toe game instead of hoping someone would go to the dollar store….even tried to keep improving the game while people were playing it!

My addition (and I wore a matching PacMan shirt (haven’t found a tie yet) was reintroducing some classic video games (next to our robots in the non-flammable section of our Arcade!)

A mini Twister game 

Our football player designed a flip game – I tried to get him to change the home team, but he insists on being a fan for the wrong team…..

And some girls convinced me to let them do a temporary tattoo station. Looked great and was very popular! Benefits of a “culture of Yes”

Shortest visual calendar of the year and one of the busiest days. Lots of fun and great feedback by students to each other as they tested the games and fantastic reactions from the kids (and adults – including a few parents!)   Can’t wait to see what we get into next!

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