Day 18 (of 186) thinking of Terry Fox

Day 18 (of 186) thinking of Terry Fox

This has been an interesting year: I have students who don’t think fund raising is a good idea for “their” funds. And they are very disconnected with icons such as Terry Fox. I know many (including my own kids at home) still feel Terry is an important Canadian whose efforts should, and will, continue to influence students and schools. And as cancer continues to impact families, the reason why Terry ran (and we continue to run) will enhance his legacy. 

I freely admit to having been inspired by Terry when I was in primary grades. I still remember the news stories of his journey and what happened when it came to an all to sudden end:

I remember taking part in the first Terry Fox run and each one ever since (often biking or walking, but always in motion – and always remembering Terry’s goal and his mission:

To raise awareness of how cancer impacts all families and to raise a goal of $1 for every Canadian (we’ll before we had Loonie coins and starting prompting Toonies for Terry)

His story continues to inspire with more and more video being recovered and restored and recreated. It’s a tough story because it has a sad end….but also showed how a nation could continue to run Marathons of Hope to make the future better than the past

In an age of social media it is getting hard to imagine that he did this without a twitter feed, YouTube channel or Instagram site. The press slowly found out what he was up to because he arrived in town after town. A stark realization of his focus on his mission was when he shared (in tears) that he was raising millions for others but didn’t have enough money to buy presents for his family at Christmas….what would be his last one. 

He had a goal and knee only one choice: aim for it and keep working for it – fighting his cancer along the way – unaware that his message would be continued year after year since his passing. 

Terry fox ran for me. I run for ___(so many)____. I have families and friends and students who have battled cancer – some have won. Some have lost. But each year, thanks to the continued message of the Terry Fox Run, more and more people have better and better chances to be victorious against cancer. 
We run today for the same reason Terry ran 36 years ago: to make tomorrow better!


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