Day 9 (of 186) still looking at eportfolio systems @freshgrade @my_blueprint

Day 9 (of 186) still looking at eportfolio systems @freshgrade @my_blueprint

I still believe that the biggest shift to occur in education is a broader acceptance that letter grades & %s are not as clear as we want them to be when it comes to providing feedback to Learners.

Sadly, I can provide a pretty accurate report card based on some socio- information (economics & family mostly) but I can’t estimate/create authentic samples of student work with descriptive feedback attached to them to indicate 

A) what they did well

B) what they need to work on (limited/focused scope)

C) next steps 

I know that while my oldest daughters %s on her class task achievement/completion will give some info to the engineering programs she is applying for, the 3D car she created and rendered shows a lot more about who she is as a learner. Likewise the patience and dedication my youngest daughter can’t be seen on a report card, but the visuals of her constant improvement over time show what she can do as a learner. And if you ask my son to complete a worksheet, you’d likely have 0 to put into a gradebook, but engage him in a conversation……

So I was happy to see how many educators came to see a webinar about myblueprint – a portfolio process focused on career planning but may blend people’s thinking into other subject areas. It has some nice options to help students see what courses that they are enrolled in and what universities require to help students achieve the credentials needed for their dream job. (Though I found it interesting that there was a section on “learning styles” at the a couple of days after I read an article questioning them:

I love it when other people start to see value in efolios as I believe it is a key tool to unlock the power of descriptive-feedback-loops over right vs wrong = % approaches. I’m not hired to promote any particular efolio platform, but having spent many years exploring this topic, I do have my biases…!

There are some interesting efolio programs to explore (I started by having my students use PowerPoint -before keynote was around😜) including @seesaw from San Francisco and @quippedinc from Winnipeg and now @my_blueprint

Though my personal bias remains using @freshgrade – and I’m looking forward to loading my classroom community to ongoing feedback via efolios with FreshGrade this next week (prior to our Open House on #T(ec)hursday) and why? Well, I think I said it best in an earlier blog that is shared on the FreshGrade site:

Want to improve your formative assessment practice? Let go of report cards and embrace the power of efolios! Which was a happy share I made when our staff debriefed on our morning sessions and a few on staff shared that they were wanting hints on how to archive the previous years iPads to be ready to use them to archive the current years learnings! Viva la eLearning revolution!

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Principaling on the Pacific in Powell River BC Pushing 'technologization' in education: blending technology and curriculum seamlessly. Advocate for better understanding of Anxiety in Education (and use of self-regulation) Utilizing ePortfolios & Descriptive Feedback to personalize learning!
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