Summer of Learning – sometimes summer repeats work

I stumbled upon one of my previous blogs about getting ready for summer, when I realized that much of the advice can be good for getting ready to return to school to, so with some edits:



Day 184 (of 185) some CBT reminders as (summer) returning to school looms



It’s important to remember some of the key benefits to Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. Some of the easiest are:

Listening to your body cues

Seeing the body cues of others

Coping Step Plan




In brief:
It’s important to listen to your body as it will let you know how you are feeling, even if your brain doesn’t want to acknowledge it. This can range from sweat (when not working out), to the need to go to the bathroom……even though you just went, to physical affects such as hand/leg cramps and beyond. Some of the main ones can be identified via a BC Friends for Life (a free cbt program targeted at grade 4/5 students)

Parents worksheet:


And the nice part is when you become aware of those cues, it becomes easier to “read” how others may be feeling. So that when someone yawns, it may not be because of boredom but a stressed reaction. Laughing at an accident because the body and brain doesn’t necessarily know how to react when it sees someone get hurt or be in stress. And when you can see how others are reacting, it becomes easier to be mindful in how you react and respond – giving time and slowing things down being particularly successful strategies.



And then coming up with a Coping Step Plan – breaking something down into smaller parts so that each step is achievable in order to be successful. And it’s not the same for everyone – my daughters hate asking clerks/wait staff/etc for help (whether if it’s for a different sized dress or even ketchup for fries) while my “anxiety” son has no problems asking….
But it can be helpful to take small steps: like going to the school ahead of time to see where classrooms are and where certain “distraction areas” such as counselling rooms, LRT spaces, bathrooms etc are in relationship to where the “home room” is


It’s important to be mindful that you can’t always be sure how others are feeling  but being mindful that sometimes you need to look mindfully in order to accurately sense what might be going on below the initial impression – especially at stressful times of year such as the (end) start of a school year.

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