Day 175 (of 183) the looming final weeks

Day 175 (of 183) the looming final weeks

May oldest is getting ready for a myriad of final exams…..with the awareness that with the change to “hours of instruction” rather than “days” meaning that the old ‘exam week’ continued to fade – with most of her ‘finals’ now being during class time. It is nice that as she gets older she is asking deeper questions about he value of a final summation based on randomized questions – especially multiple answer style questions. She is the kind of learner that is looking forward to a summer month-long “boot-camp” for like minded learners – Shad Valley…..because what could go wrong with a 17 year old girl being in downtown Toronto?

My middle boy is looking forward to the upcoming summer break. He still feels his anxiety/autism is not fully understood (or appreciated) by all the adults he learns with – not because they do t want to but because working with mental wellness is not always easy and takes more time. And while he likes the idea of a break, he is also aware that the absence of the structure of his school program will also b missed – and when it is tough to return after a three-day weekend and more-so after a week-or-2 break….two months of summer already has all of us worried about the re-entry plan!

My youngest will miss the social side of school – especially as she has learned one of the key ‘cheat codes’ for school: ask questions of the teacher when you’re not sure what to do and take full advantage of the class time for work. She also has a guide week-long camp exploration (soar) which means she can’t do he same soccer camp she has been to….but it’s been interesting talking to her about the last few weeks – especially around the various out-of-classroom experiences: she was not looking forward to a field trip to a museum 90 minutes away because of the experiences of the first classes that went – but when we did some investigating on the website, she felt better about going and confirmed that ‘it wasn’t as bad as she thought 😜

The final weeks “loom” for a reason. Some are looking forward to it – many are a little fearful of what happens after school. Not everyone will experience (or cope) with the final weeks the same. Always important to be mindful that just like the learning itself, the weeks ending this term-of-learning may also require some differentiation and scaffolding for success…


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Educator in BCs Sunny Shuswap Pushing 'technologization' in education: blending technology and curriculum seamlessly. Advocate for better understanding of Anxiety in Education (and use of self-regulation) Utilizing ePortfolios & Descriptive Feedback
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One Response to Day 175 (of 183) the looming final weeks

  1. gillianjud says:

    Ian–you are an #eduhero for doing this (school) daily post! I expect you have had a great learning curve–limited time, perhaps, but never a shortage of topics! #inspiring

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