Day 174 (of 185) the misnomer of June – is it still learning time?

Day 174 (of 185) the misnomer of June – is it still learning time?
Had a conversation with a professional who wondered what June was like as it seemed to them that there was no learning going on. 
It made me think about what people and remember and the types of learning being done during ‘the final month’. 
When they noted how many field trips it seemed schools took, there was an acknowledgement of ‘year end celebrations’ and ‘outdoor learnings that aren’t possible during the other seasons. 
But….is it just because of the season? Are we conditioned for an extended break of learning (due to the traditional harvest season – which is of decreasing importance each year) and the ‘vacations’ that occur – both for some families and a vacation from learning that so many educators decry as ‘a time for forgetting – or regression of learning’. So why do we still see June as an ‘end of Learning’?

In an era where we are entering more of an “information economy”, can (should) schools adjust accordingly? Does June neeed to be the end of one grade and start of another? Can (should) Learning be more of an ongoing process that does not have grade level standards that does consider birthdate: so the child born Dec 31 is expected to do the same as the child born 364 days earlier? 
I like the outside learning that June enables – and September, while the weather may be similar, does not as new relationships are being created as the ‘start’ of the year. I have enjoyed taking classes out for ‘Socratic  learning walks’ down salmon trails where learning was deep and connected, but we didn’t bother with traditional testing. 

So June = a mix of hands-on outside exploratory learning along with the (still) tradition of having students demonstrate their learning through (increasingly redundant and inaccurate) ‘finals’. But….still learning time? I know I still try this keep the learning going until the last day, but I also know that the June 30 deadline puts a lot of pressure on educators – the bookends of sept & June can be the most exhausting of months.  Perhaps we can do things a little different….

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