Day 173 (of 185) sometimes fiction writers know what’s what – Crichtons Dragon Teeth

Day 173 (of 185) sometimes fiction writers know what’s what – Crichtons Dragon Teeth

I was sad when the author Michael Crichton passed away. I always enjoy his fictional romps blending science fiction with a dash of possibility…..and occasionally some interesting insights. 

Jurassic Park helped translate Chaos Theory

The Sphere and Timeline helped identify the multi-verse theory for non-eggheads to visualize

State of Fear helped show why climate change data may be flawed (not that its not correct – because I disagree with some [but not all] of his findings, but the trouble when you are relying on some data and not accepting all data)

And even posthumously his book Dragon Teeth shows how people don’t like change by using dinosaur fossils (and even the concept of extinction) as new information changes and challenges long standing beliefs. And much like so much in educations, sometimes wide scale change in belief is challenging. 

I know some are still adamant that a common final exam is the best way to measure Learning…..and that the meat industry’s ways of assessing beef is valid to rank students…..and that negative reinforcement leads to positive end-results.  

I could happily recommend Crichtons latest book because it is written in ‘his voice’ – feeling like if there was a ghost-writer (hmmmm book by him where a ghost from another universe finished unfinished prose in another dimension……) and it was an enjoyable Crichton historical adventure. But even better were his insights to Paradigm Shifts: when the ‘first few’ are trying to show what will later become a generalized belief…..and showing that knowledge that we take for granted now (eg dinosaurs) were at one point a verboten discussion topic. 

Change is hard. And being the first to embrace change can be difficult. But again Crichton shows nicely (based loosely on historical events) how change very rarely happens in isolation – but sometimes collaboratively and sometimes competitively but change….shift….happens. 

Dragon Teeth – definitely a fun fictional summer read that has some deeper thinking connected to it!   Hope there are some more manuscripts that can be shared with some infra-dimensional intervention 😇

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