Day 169 (of 185) You can’t just create the culture you’ve seen you want…can you?

Day 169 (of 185) You can’t just create the culture you’ve seen you want…can you?



It is said that Culture eats Strategy for breakfast.

You have to build from what your culture is



Many sports teams have borrowed from the New Zealand All-Blacks:



Then there are the cultures that bring in “a person” – such as sports teams bringing in a players coaching, much like when the Seahawks brought in Pete Carroll. But can one person set an entire tone?

the good:

the bad??



Recently the news highlighted an: Individual High-5 Teacher – didn’t come because he wanted publicity, emerged because he was connecting with his classroom culture. Others may emulate it….some may even force it…..but if it isn’t a natural progression, the artificiality wears off.



Sayings that I heard and like:

Good leadership needs good follower-ship

Servant Leadership


Image result for school culture


Always good thinkings when looking at what a learning community looks like, how it acts, and how it reacts.


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