Day 162 (of 185) Day of the Honeybee

Day 162 (of 185) Day of the Honeybee

Today we took a pause in a very busy day. We took a moment to think about bees. 

Bees are an important part of our ecosystem and have an interesting lifecycle (all good learning outcomes being covered for a variety of grade levels! I pulled the school together for a bonus afternoon thinking and learning about bees. 

Fortunately we had a field full of dandelions that I’ve been encouraging not be mowed (at home or work) to be a ‘first food’ for the bees 🐝 that are in trouble as a species

And we discussed why bees are important (pollination) and why they are being threatened (ideas ranging from pesticides to other bee invaders) 
We also talked about what could happen with no Bees, reinforced by Jerry Seinfelds Bee Movie – a fun approach to see what would happen if bees didn’t do their jobs…..

It led to some discussions about community. And jobs. And wildlife protection. And one of my teachers brought in some of their bee keeping equipment to show and share…and of course for me to wear to show what a beekeeper looks like so they understand why they wear what they do. 

Hopefully we learned in a fun enough way that we won’t b scared when we see a bee doing its job…..though wasps & hornets are a different story 😉

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