Day 153 (of 185) the beauty (and the beast) of live theatre thanks to @dufflebagThtre

Day 153 (of 185) the beauty (and the beast) of live theatre thanks to @dufflebagThtre

When I was on supervision this morning, a student asked about our message board: “Today we welcome Dufflebag Theatre – show starts shortly after first bell”

She wondered if it was going to be a film or…….?

I got to explain that it was a live performance. That the audience would be able to see live actors doing performances in front of us – no screens…no editing….no cameras (except mine to record some clips for our Month in Review video) and likely audience participation…!

But I took this cue to remind me that I may want to do a bit of pre-teaching prior to the actors taking to the “stage” (really just one end of our gym, but they put together a very nice backdrop! This created a nice framework for the prethinking needed for a live audience…..knowing that there would be audience participation AND that the audience was made up of students in kindergarten through grade 8 <– a wide range of viewing interests and “viewing/sitting” endurances. 

And it’s amazing what happens when there is an engaging and entertaining peformance – rigor happens. It helps to see that “kids today” can sit patiently and act appropriately – they did today, they did during our Read Aloud Day and I suspect we will again on the Day of the Honeybee in two weeks. Had great chats through the day of how well our students behaved and how engaged they were in the performance.

– They loved seeing their peers performing as part of the cast

– The student identified as being on her phone was doing so because she was recording something she was enjoying so much 

– Teachers commented on the pacing and how the humour used was appropriate (and up to date!) to entertain the entire audience. 

….so the Beast: why don’t ‘kids today’ behave this way all the time?

–> because they do. 

When reading/viewing/composing/creating is engaging and relevant, rigorous/perseverance/drive is ‘easy’ – and we can’t pretend that compliance is engagement…which is why I get nervous when classrooms are too quiet too often. 

So…..It’s a tale as old as time 😉 – it can be easy to critique “kids today” (as Socrates proved a couple millennia ago….that’s now frequently used for millennial…)

But along the lines of: “whether you believe you can or cannot, you’re right”….. there is another reality to be aware of:

I am happy for the future with what I see both at home and in my school. More thoughts on pressures & opportunities for our learners coming soon…


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  1. Great post and I love your TedTalk. 🙂

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