Day 149 (of 185) BC Election & Student Learning

Day 149 (of 185) BC Election & Student Learning


Elections are always fun…….except that the government always wins 😉



It’s always interesting to see student involvement during these events. Especially recent discussions around Polls and Predictions. Internationally there have been big “surprises” in Canada and the United States on the national level. Britain and their involvement in the EU did not go as predicted. Recently the election in Alberta did not go as predicted… on this side of the Rockies? Well, “normal” is not a word usually associated to BC politics (or even BC Education <– in admittedly an often good way!)



Our school had good involvement by our Middle Years students to become informed on what the parties stand for and how the political system works: our province mirrors our confederation by electing regional representation that then has the leader of the “winning party” become the leader of the province! Which has led to some interesting classroom discussions:


  • don’t vote for a party because you like the colour of their signs
  • just because you like “–” who spoke about a political party, doesn’t mean you actually like what the party stands for
  • you can only vote once
  • you don’t get to vote for the Premier, just the candidates in our region
  • sorry, once you cast your ballot you can’t change your mind



I know it’s also led to some interesting conversations at homes:

  • what if you like your candidate but not their party?
  • what makes a party an “official party” (4 seat in the legislature)
  • are teachers allowed allowed to wear campaign buttons?
  • (to me) Dad, I know you won’t put a sign on the lawn for you who support, but what about putting signs for all the candidates on the lawn to inform people of all the candidates running? (I actually considered this)
  • why can’t the voter age be reduced because in the school, there are many who are interested in voting now….not necessarily in 4-ish years


I really appreciate it when schools/teachers keep the focus on the process and not the people. Elections can be fascinating events to watch….and great discussion starters about why they are important (compared to countries that do not have elections). And interestingly, the Student Vote has been interestingly accurate (more so that the before-mentioned pollsters) about what the results will be


And this years predicted results:

NDP 60 seats
Greens 14
Liberals 12
Independent 1


an update with final results to follow… a few of my kids at home are quite intrigued by the early returns….!
After election night, for the first time in over 50 years, BC has a minority government (which may lead to two of the parties forming a coalition)……at least until some recounts happen and advanced polls are counted:
Liberals 43 seats

NDP 41 seats

Greens: 3 seats
More updates if they happen!


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One Response to Day 149 (of 185) BC Election & Student Learning

  1. Stacey K says:

    My daughter reported that some grade 12s in her school were turned away from voting because they didn’t have a voting card from Elections BC. I think that Elections BC should do more promotions in the high schools about what actually makes you eligible to vote and how / where / when to register if you are a first time voter.

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