Day 147 (of 185) do you have a minute (never a minute) 

Day 147 (of 185) do you have a minute (never a minute) 
I always have a smile when one of my teachers asks if I have a minute….we’ll before the school day starts. These are the ones that usually don’t have much to do with curricular or classroom-composition issues. Usually involve some kind of leave….and a disruption to the learning community we are putting together. 

The usual suspects:

– A different job in another district (our jobs haven’t been posted yet, so I didn’t think an internal move yet)

– maternity (never an issue for me, I have actually hired someone on maternity leave for a continuing contract knowing I’d have to repost and reinterview for a temporary contract, knowing that this teacher would be a great fit for the learning community.) 

–  bad reasons. So we won’t go into those ones, though I admit – active listening is very important and discretion about the reason (while being supportive in terms of ‘next steps’ and interacting with HR) is of paramount importance. 

– retirement (which isuall has a mix of reasons for & against retiring ‘this year’)

– education reasons (masters is the usual suspect for this) 

and while it may be hard for some to support (especially the kids hoping to work with that teacher next year) they are almost always conversations about decisions being made either for the person, the school, the district, sometimes even need a provincial perspective (when changing districts) and I guess it’s okay to have a national perspective….though until the recent Supreme Court ruling on BC teachers, education had always been a provincial matter. 

Sigh, so the mantra raised by Andy Hargreaves continues: change is good….without change (3-7 years) our efficiency doesn’t grow at the same rate….we can still be good educators, but change if any type can make educators be great! 

But I’m gonna miss the “rock star” who is going for more learning….hope she still wants to come back later!


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