Day 140 (of 185) oh the noise! noise! noise! noise! any help? @beatsbydre @sonos @bose @monsterproducts others?

Day 140 (of 185) oh the noise, noise, noise, noise! any help? @beatsbydre @sonos @bose  @monsterproducts other?


So……I had the opportunity to pick up my son to make a medical appointment when I heard it: the PA system come on. Bell at an awkward frequency. All treble no bass – on a unit that has no equalization settings. Cutting in and out and crackling (the byproduct of aging wires). Not anybodys fault – just what happens too often in schools….and other large buildings.


And my son looking at me: “all. day. long.” It trigged my own anxieties, let alone his hyper-anxiety self!



So…..a “what-if” query/challenge. Can we do better? I have mindfully brought in Bose and Beats and Monster speakers into classrooms to bring in a certain “sound” to the classrooms. Tinny speakers can be hard on the ears, but finding a cost-effective way to bring in enough sound to fill a classroom while still maintaining high-fidelity sound can be a challenge. I also like the possibility that a product such as Sonos may offer, by setting up a “home system” within a school….maybe? I’m thinking it may be a way to ‘connect’ a school that has wifi with audio using speakers that are designed with the users ear in mind.


As someone with tinnitus, some times the ‘right sound’ is very important. With so many students sensitive to noise….and specifically to the “wrong sounds” – not just volume, it is important to get it right. And having reached the ‘final straw’ in my school with our gym sound system crackling and popping and making people cover their ears, I’m starting to think, puzzling and puzzling: how to make it so! How to make our school ear-aware in classrooms, the hallways, outside and in. Any fun shares would be greatly appreciated!




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