Day 132 (of 185) Learner Profiles as summations of efolios? Asking for help

Day 132 (of 185) Learner Profiles as summations of efolios? Asking for help
* oooh update at the bottom!


I like the idea/concept of Learner Profiles as part of the ‘quick look’ for student information as connected to eportfolios. It’s no secret that I’m a fan of efolios, but I am also aware that schools not familiar with this methodology sometimes have ‘concerns’ about how to gather the information (other than looking at the eportfolio). Likewise I have heard concerns from parents about not knowing how their child is doing……compared to the rest of the class (yes, I re-explain that we do not compare learners to each other….we use performance standards and rubrics) and remind them that checking with the teacher is a very good idea (since they should know best and be able to clarify any questions….or find answers that will!)



But I get it – as we are shifting practices and looking more at best ways to ‘Communicate Student Learning” rather than reporting on achievement (based on task completion too often), there may be a need/desire to help create a ‘rosetta stone’ to help see the reason for the change – because as much as some people like to say that they understand what a “B” is or what a percentage means (<– haha average joke built in to the statement) I know I often have more questions….what percent of the content (or strategies or big ideas or…) are the kids missing, and what is the plan to fill in that percentile gap? Likewise, how can a student change their performance grade – “they’re just a C+ student” doesn’t cut it, likewise it doesn’t make sense to focus on “they need to complete more work” (why aren’t they is the bigger question – is it reading? writing? home? school? creating an obstacle?)



But….perhaps it can be helpful to “check the oil” once in awhile (not necessarily at the traditional ‘report card times’) and create a summary of where the learner is at in order to help others translate the descriptive feedback into a more traditional summation (and I’m hating this more and more as I type this….ugh)



But here is where (and why) I’m looking for some help. Over time I have started to build a Learner Profile, I keep adding to it and then worrying that putting something summative into it will distract from the work being done on (formative) descriptive feedback loops. I also worry about “at grade level” comments because you can have one student born January 1 and another born December 31……and (especially in primary years) that can be a significant percentage of their life experience… this fair? <– I’m starting to digress and distract myself……


So, the most recent draft is below, please share some of your thoughts and insights!


Learner Profile.png

In thinking about our provinces focus on Competrncies, I think we figured out that we can use the competencies descriptors to assign a related number representing the description of ‘what can be seen:

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