Day 130 (of 185) Canadas “real” birthday (not alternative news…or is it…)

Day 130 (of 185) Canadas “real” birthday (not alternative news….or is it…?)
When most people are asked, when is Canadas birthday? They will respond with the typical answer of July 1 (and when pressed, 1867) making this Canada’s 150th birthday. That was when the British North America Act was passed so that another nation created the Dominion of Canada. Not the same as our American cousins who celebrate their ‘fight for independence’ as Canada’s ‘fight’ was more economical and political in nature.  
But is it really Canadas birthday? I know I had one history professor who had two alternative dates to consider:
a) 1982 – when The Constitution Act finally allowed Canada to make changes to its constitution and how it is governed without petitioning a request as a constitutional monarchy. This act was passed on April 17
b) April 9-12 in 1917 was Canada’s first military victory. The first time that, as a nation, Canada had its citizens engaged in a battle flying its own colours. It may not be a popular sentiment, but he did make a compelling argument that it takes a willingness for a country to defend or fight as an independent entity that creates a true sense of independence. And because of our system at the time, when Britain declared war, Canada wa automatically at war…and not ‘on its own’ until Vimy Ridge:
That is why today is being recognized as Vimy Ridge Awareness Day – not to celebrate a battle, because nobody wants to have wars, but we can learn a lot by reflecting on our past actions and decisions – both the easy and hard ones. 

It’s nice to think about 🇨🇦  especially when I can wear a tie to get conversations going about why we might take a day to think about a time Canada was involved in a military battle…..but it is a significant step for a nation to be recognized – because not all “nations” are recognized by other international states – famously Taiwan, Palestine, Israel, Cyprus and even China….

There are many concerns this year around “alternative news/facts” but there are also times that it is good to ask questions to get better understandings…..because sometimes  there can be more than one answer – which is why my kids at home cringe when we play ‘fun facts’ because they know the history-geek in me will always bring out multiple answer….!


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2 Responses to Day 130 (of 185) Canadas “real” birthday (not alternative news…or is it…)

  1. Chris Wejr says:

    And then there are those families that have gone through 150 years of pain through colonialism – residential schools, potlatch laws, 60s scoop, treaty battles, etc – who would argue that there is not much reason to celebrate 150 years. As you said, so important to ask questions and seek understanding!

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