Day 125 (of 185) email communication changes

Day 125 (of 185) email communication changes

Changing email formats can be tricky. And in our district we are making the move from FirstClass to Office 365. Now…as much as I’m a mac guy, I was also a Microsoft fan for a long while…..though I became disenfranchised when Microsoft Publisher faded away and the 2007 versions of ppt moved me further away. I still use Microsoft at times and understand why it is popular but when I moved on…..I moved on…..but I still dabble to see what’s what😜 (I’m also dabbling in google as well as Apple)

Now with the upgrade needed for FirstClass being costly, we are going to migrate over to Office 365. Unfortunately the first weeks have been tricky- I know that any shift to different technology has its glitches, but I worry that less-tech friendly folks may not be as patient (or aware that glitches happen – such as our online printer not always working – and knowing that things like this are not a Microsoft issue, but as it’s the product staring people in the face….)

Worry: we will go back to the ‘wild west’ where many (me) used two email addresses – one for ‘business’ (because it was cumbersome to check) and one for ‘use’ (because it was easy to access). 

Hope: with some key “hints” and work, that our communication can be continue in a positive format….I was impressed with our Manager of Tech and his saying: it may be better, it may be worse, but really…’s just different.

Landy Hints for O365

1. create folders. Do not let your inbox fill up. Keep your files titled appropriately and other move the emails into a file or delete the – O365 can be very overwhelming if the inbox(es) get too full. This rule can not be over emphasized. 
2. groups are good. There are some good communication pieces that can be shared via Groups. 
3. Documents can be held in a common onedrive place which can be helpful for storing repeated items (such as WAGS – week at a glance)
4. this isn’t new, but it is new for some. Working in the cloud? I’ve been doing that for about 6 years….but my twitter handle is @TECHNOlandy – I know not everyone is an early adopter around tech, but even the OneDrive is much better than the old “H Drive” that many understand….being able to access files from any device is a big deal….but move forward at your own pace. 

Will there be some misses? Sure:

1. The ever popular MarketPlace is gone (this was a key method to get some onto FirstClass) so new ways to attract users are needed…..hmmmm maybe T4s only available on O?
2. Phone messages weren’t going to any email… if you tried to call me at school me over the overlapping spring break weeks……and while I can now get phone messages, our receptionist can’t…..hmmmmm
3. Our common folder where we saw who was away and what TOCs were coming in can’t be found – but the TOC for our teacher going to a writing workshop did arrive, so Whew!
4. Lots of “reply all” being used – but techies now have a reminder set to pop up to ‘make sure’ you really want to send ‘that’ email to everyone. every. one. 
5. I mentioned keeping up to date by moving things into folders. I got lazy for a couple of spring days….and paid for it. Keep moving things into folders and keep “inbox zero badge-eligible”

Well….badges are motivating me to stick with O365!


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