Day 122 (of 185) that kid with the trombone (aka why efolios, not report cards)

Day 122 (of 185) that kid with the trombone (aka why efolios not report cards)


Tonight, my oldest helped reinforce why I like eportfolios and descriptive feedback over a letter grade. Her jazz combo class was challenged to create an original composition – and I remember that the day her music teacher (who is also the music teacher at my school!) gave the assignment – when she got in the car she was already working on GarageBand to get the sounds working right.


Then we didn’t hear much. Sometimes she likes to work on things in bits and pieces letting her brain process things over time.



But I was happy to hear from her teacher that her piece had been practiced by the combo and was going to be performed. My daughter is very good at the game of school where she tries to earn high scores….but I still don’t know how to capture a moment/achievement like this in a report card. A? Good effort? Too many notes? <– Amadeus movie reference


And will the soloists on piano, violin, saxophone and voice (singers) have their achievement archived on a transcript? Two of the grade 12s in the combo are already considering offers to go on to continue their music journeys….interestingly, their schools were more interested in their portfolio of work than numbers & letters assigned to it.



I am happy to hear more and more ongoing conversations taking place around “communicating learning” rather than ‘reporting achievement’ because a number can’t fully communicate what was achieved:


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