Day 120 (of 185) coding centres – the unmaker space

Day 120 (of 185) coding centres – the unmaker space

Each week before a ‘break from learning’, I have tried to offer a distraction in my library – recently that has been coding stations. It’s the reminder that breaks aren’t always good for all (and distractions can be helpful). 

So today, along with a variety of the usual centres (BB8, lego, and a st Patrick’s online game site: ) I introduced an unmaker space…..a take-apart station where students could disassemble an old VHS machine. 

Design thinking is good, but how and why to deconstruct something can likewise be valuable. And a table with an old VHS and some screwdrivers…..well, to quote an old phrase: was like a pack of dogs on a three-legged cat. 

Learning to share and take turns (with minimal adult interference) is always useful – because collaborating with a limited number of tools can become very frustrating – and it’s good to learn how to not stay “stuck” in frustration!

Exploring and wondering how two things are connected is likewise fascinating – when the kids realize that the pieces were put together….somehow…..and need to figure out how to disassemble without destroying!

It was neat to introduce some new stations into the coding rotation (and I’ll have to update my slideshare) And best of all: this weeks take-apart centre becomes a “put-it-together” station next time!

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