Day 119 (of 185) the authentic power of PBL programs #canada150 @canada150 @pokemon

Day 119 (of 185) the authentic power of PBL programs

My girls play the game of school well in their own unique ways. My oldest one knows how to respond to teachers tasks in a way to achieve high scores. My youngest has very strong social skills and recognizes that staying on top of her work allows her to do wel. Then there is my middle boy…..
Not a fan of worksheets that repeatedly ask him to show the learning he already showed. Anxiety and autism leading to a great desire to avoid written output…but ask him a question…..and very curious and willing to learn….usually….and more often now that he is part of our districts pilot PBL (project based learning) hub called inspirED. Similarities to High Tech High have helped my son to see value and relevance in much (admittedly not all) of his day. 

And the latest project definitely got his interest. It is Canada’s 150th anniversary and the activity was to share a way to celebrate this date. While driving home I could see he was thinking of a few ideas and through some discussion in the car someone said “it should be connected to Pokémon” (which makes sense as he knows soooo much on this topic). And it wasn’t long before it was decided he would try to do 150 pokemon that connect to Canada. 

All connected to Canada in uniquely Canadian ways:

Some were funny 

Some flavourful 

Some regional (ogopogo is a legendary lake monster in the Okanagan)

Some reflected famous Canadians

Some our west coast

And his favourite based on the raven which appears prominently in our First People’s stories 

I was amazed at the though and connections he made – all 150 in his album (and Dear Nintendo: he has hundreds of more original creations with backstories and reimagined originals for different regions) connect to reflect different aspects of the mosaic we call Canada. And (to me) best of all was that he did not receive a grade/letter/% but descriptive feedback that connects to his pathway as a life long learner. Can’t do this via worksheets. 


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