Day 117 (of 183) creative thinking? How did they think of some instruments?

Day 117 (of 183) creative thinking? How did they think of some instruments?

While attending a music festival with my schools grade 7/8 band, my brain asked some interesting questions
– why was the French horn designed the way it is? Flutes make sense. So do clarinets and saxophones. Trumpets and trombones are a logical evolution of straight horns…..but the French horn??
– Also off: oboe (double reed??) and the bassoon – seriously… did that ‘eureka’ moment happen 
– I still love the movie Amadeus, but it still astounds me how compositions can be put together in such a way to create such amazing sounds
– How can a band of 60 be so quiet (piano?) and then be a wall of sound (forte) within moments!?
– Why aren’t iPads an “approved instrument” yet? (We use them as our chimes)
– Everyone wears the same dark bottoms/white tops. Is it too much of a change to wear “school colours”?
– Music and sports have a lot in common; seating by instrument group like team breakdowns (are the percussions the linemen? What’s a good comparison for the saxophonists – wood or brass??) 
-and….as with sports, practice is essential and both teach the importance of deadlines better than any “worksheet” or essay deadline can, because showtime is showtime! And Adelle may get to have a do-over at the Grammys, but rigor (book review of Angela Duckworths “Rigor” is coming soon) means knowing what it takes to get to that “performance/finish time!”  
– Our music teachers did a great job providing descriptive feedback loops, personalized-ish learning (depending on what instruments are available) and collaboration – why are we making them put a child’s musical growth as a letter on a report card? (Rhetorical question as “Music” is one of the key agitators for why we should be using eportfolios)

Final thoughts 
I was really proud of how the students from our district (two schools came) performed and represented #83learns

Were they a little goofy at times? ✔
Were they serious when it was needed? ✔
Did they create problems at the hotel? X <–but some students from another school were a tad loud….

Did they help each other? ✔ and even inter-mingled as we hoped the self-processed “band geeks” would! (It’s on their t-shirts as a term of pride)

Am I happy that I got to come? ✔ absolutely – and I couldn’t be more proud of the three young music teachers who put this trip together so I just had to be a “roadie” and watch in awe as they inspired some kids into being life-long music junkies!

It takes a lot of time and work to get ready and go to a festival. But it sure seems worth it!! But still….is it just me that thinks one instrument is missing….


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Educator in BCs Sunny Shuswap Pushing 'technologization' in education: blending technology and curriculum seamlessly. Advocate for better understanding of Anxiety in Education (and use of self-regulation) Utilizing ePortfolios & Descriptive Feedback
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