Day 116 (of 185) being the roadie for a bombastic school band (inspired by @theweirdteacher )

Day 116 (of 185) being the roadie for a bombastic school band (inspired by @theweirdteacher )

I love that Doug Robertson likens his role as teacher to that of being a bombastic rock star of a never-ending education funk machine. He’s got a great book about that: 

I love that too – but my role as principal means I need to let the shine on my teachers and be their roadies. 

Whether it’s arranging an extra foamie because the band needs one more bed than hotel rooms will allow…..

Or fetching the diva her americano with almond milk! (Gotta keep the music teacher balky!)

Or looking for the bag that one of the students “put down somewhere”. 
Or waking up at 3am to make sure everything is ready for the day…..
It’s fun taking students “on the road” – and I have been lucky to be at schools that “travel well”…but being part of a new ‘band’ means having to learn fast!

Fortunately most of our students have been part of enough sports teams to understand how to pack. It was still nice to see their faces when they saw we were traveling by coach instead of a district school bus. 

And kinda like Christmas, there was a lot of anticipation that led up to the three performance going by super fast. 

And then, rather than just a grade, they received some descriptive feedback – areas of strength and something specific to focus and work on “next”. Not a huge list on either side: specific, meaningful, relevant and achievable. (Would’ve been weird for the adjudicator to say 8/10 – practice smarter, not harder.)

Instead, seeing the students and our music trencher on stage performing for peers of all ages made for a very special day, and proved why musicians throughout time have traveled crazy distances to make a “show”. And as principal, I couldn’t be happier to (and here I’m stealing indirectly from @theweirdteacher )….
As a bombastic rock star “roadie” of a never-ending education funk machine I embody intensity in ten cities. I have to bring it every day because my audience expects nothing less than my best. I should be on my game even when I feel off because rock stars (and school bands) don’t miss a gig. The class isn’t just the audience, though. Not in my school, not with how I view learning. The class is my band and I am their roadie. I set the tone, I help them when to bring it up and I help  them when it’s time to break it down. I help our conductor wave the stick and they bang the drum. 

–> Together we make music.

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