Day 114 (of 185) exploring new events via volun-told “opportunities”

Day 114 (of 185) exploring new events via volun-told “opportunities”

This year our district “got” to host the provincials for BC School Sports Wrestling. I volunteered because someone from our school needed to go and I live closest (though a wrestling-enthused parent also volunteered a lot and two teachers also picked up shifts). 

When I got there one of my PVP colleagues asked if I wrestled – to which I laughed – growing up in a small community meant school sports were rather limited. As it was said at a recent rural schools symposium, a good part of a rural school is almost everyone who wants to, can make a team. The flip side is that if you’re not interested in ‘the’ sport being offered……

But it was neat looking at an organized event with unfamiliar eyes. I liked that I recognized some people I worked with in the past, and I was able to transfer some of my understandings from sports and jobs that I have done to notice how some things overlapped. 

  • The coach who looked like he was going to punch an official
  • A brother who wanted to get too close to the mat to get ‘the right photo’
  • The autistic wrestler get extra time (from his opponent and his coach) to reset himself
  • The officials working together to decide what the ‘right call’ was for points with some very immediate descriptive feedback (learning on the job) for newer officials. 

I know how much time and volunteer support is needed to host a regular event – so it was a neat opportunity to experience a sport and a provincial event that I otherwise may have never gone to. Always good to explore sports and activities that even though “I” may not enjoy, it did open my eyes to see why and how this sport is perfect for so many!

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