Day 106 (of 185) think pink #pinkshirtday

Day 106 (of 185) think pink #pinkshirtday



I’m of two minds about “event days”. I do like them as they help bring focused attention onto a specialized topic. But I prefer when these ‘special events’ become things that we just do each and every day.  But I know we need to start somewhere, so having a highlighted day can be a very good start.



I do really appreciate how events like #pinkshirtday started as a student initiative. Again, not something that was meant to be a media event or turn into a movement, but a way to support a new student who wore a pink shirt on their first day of school. It started as a way to symbolically support a new student – everybody wearing a pink shirt means…..everybody can wear pink shirts. It also helps show that bullying is as much of a behaviour that when called out…..can change.



Indeed, most of my “bullying” conversations have been around bringing up a complaint or observation to the “bully”, very often they are unaware. And that’s the tricky part when dealing with bullying behaviour: what is intended vs what is interpreted. When specific behaviours can be described, it can help create an empathic awareness so that “feelings” can be better respected.



Once the first steps have been taken, then the “special days” can be repurposed to have a fun feel to them. It’s easy to see music videos, assemblies, games et al being shared to help recognize the days emphasis on anti-bullying behaviour….but you still need to walk the talk each and every day….which is why I like to encourage my learners to see days like today as being more than just physically wearing a pink shirt, but “thinking pink” and having the mindset that promotes positive interactions and limits bullying-type behaviours…..for learners of all ages.

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