Day 103 (Of 185) a worry about community organizations

Day 103 (Of 185) a worry about community organizations

I am part of two boards – one working on supporting children and families in the Shuswap and another that is working on bringing music into places where it needs to be (from classrooms to retirement centres and all points in between). And I love the work of groups like Rotary, Lions, the Legion….but…. 

This year I had my student take part in a legion Remembrance Day contest and just found out that our students did quite well! But I also found out that in our zone, my school was the only one that participated…..and that hurt. We are seeing some organizations struggling to get members (my father-in-laws group is starting to plan what might be ‘next’ if they don’t have a minimum number or participants) and I worry that some community groups are becoming “distant” from school communities – in large part because there are so many valuable groups wanting to work with schools in a variety of ways. A mix of providing services (sometimes quite discretely) and raising awareness (sometimes hoping for some fundraising support) but always trying to help students! 

But there is an increase in (friendly?) competition. Writing opportunities/contests that traditionally were held “only” by the Legion have spiralled out into community groups (Shuswap Writers Conference) and there are many regional/provincial/national events that can attract (but mostly distract) schools attention. 

I may miss our I am so thankful that these service groups remain committed to being part of our learning community. I love having representatives from the Legion come to our Remembrance Assemblies and I will always adjust our start time to meet their travel needs! Our Lions group currently supports a lunch program and is looking at ways to enable our community to travel to events in other parts of our district. I still remember Rotary building one of the schools I was at a playground in record time (honestly the timeframe will never be matched). 

It is amazing when people dedicate their time to service groups and then make amazing things happen – and I hope that the various groups continue to find ways (and new members) to make unique differences in the lives of our learners. 


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