Day 102 (of 185) the vitality of consistent “parachute teachers”

Day 102 (of 185) the vitality of consistent “parachute teachers”


Recently stumbled on an Atlantic article about substitute-teachers/teachers-on-call or “parachute teachers” –> those that come in to a classroom for a day….or more….or less….and…….


I like having consistent substitute teachers. It allows the collaboration of teachers to occur and create “highlight days” rather than……worksheets and videos.



Using specific talents of TOCs can have multiple benefits. A fine-arts specialist has come in and done day-long art projects. Writing specialists can do full day writing workshops. It enables a class to have a unique highlight day (or series of days if there is an expected absence in a classroom)  AND have the guest teacher highlight some of their specialties!



And substitute teachers are important, because the sucky thing about having lead-teachers is that they need to be out of the building…..which means you need good replacement teachers……consistently! And with some…..okay – honestly, with all – classes, developing that rapport and relationships is so important…and so difficult when each day the TOCs may be in a Kindy class or Physics 12.



Every day isn’t just a “day of coverage” but an opportunity to make connections and land a full time teaching gig! I get nervous seeing (in our province) more and more concerns about “shortages” for absent teachers. I am somewhat fortunate in my rural school that we have two local teachers who love coming to our school….and I get tinges of jealousy when I see them starting to find work at our “other” schools…and nervousness that they might be booked right when we need them!



It was an interesting article looking at “parachute teachers”, and at a time where teaching vacancies are becoming increasingly posted….wonder who the next group of on-call-teachers will be and what their experiences (aka on-site interview opportunities) will be!


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