Day 89 (of 185) so often that “last run” is “one too many”

Day 89 (of 185) so often that “last run” is “one too many”

I’ve used a skiing analogy a couple of times when talking with people about their retirements -sometimes you are near the end of the day (career) and you had a good/great last run (or year/class) and it makes you go….I can/should do one more run.  And so many times it’s “the last run” where things go wrong. 

And when we reflect, we too often know that we shoulda gone in…but the temptation for “more – even just one more” can be hard to overcome. 

Today was my first day back on skis since first being diagnosed with an autoimmune pain issue (first rheumatoid arthritis, later chronic pain, maybe something different – like lupus that my father was diagnosed with prior to his passing – and why I am sensitive to people retiring when it is “right”) and I know/knew there will be some pains. I also promised not to go too crazy. 

Our family would semi-regularly go to silver star mountain in Vernon, so I did our family “usual runs” in memory of the olde days – Far Out and Whiskeyjack. Great fun. I even got a reminder of how things change when I sought out an old favourite (cloud 9) only to see that has been transformed into a race circuit. 

I also probably shoulda called it a day, but I wanted one. more. run. 

And my body revolted – reminding me that no matter how mentally prepared and practiced one can be, there are times when “other factors” take over. In my case it was leg cramps – not a big deal but when halfway down a run…not many options other than pushing through. 

I knew I should have come in one run early. So I figured I should share: it’s not always good to push for “one more”. 


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