Day 88 (of 185) a fiction book review thanks to @theweirdteacher

Day 88 (of 185) a fiction book review thanks to @theweirdteacher

It’s been awhile since I’ve read fiction. I’ve got a pile of education and biography books beside my bed and in my iPad and it seems like fiction keeps getting pushed to the side. In fairness, I have read a lot of books – as a librarian and literature major I love filling in the Facebook “gave you read these must-reads” polls because most of them = ✔️

But my reading habits have changed because

1. gotta read to lead and that means staying on top of current education theory

2. With kids I’ve defaulted to a lot of age appropriate read-alouds…but as kids are getting older, snuggle story time seems to be fading away

3. I’ve been reading a lot of blogs (great source of inspiration for my own doing, thinking, and reading

And the Doug Robertson “lived the dream” and wrote a book. I know many of us who have the desire, but far fewer who have actually achieved publication (not counting vanity projects). I remember being thrilled for my own English 12 teacher when he published a couple of collections of short stories and two novels:

So after reading his “self titled” book in education

and feeling good because “it wasn’t just me….” I knew I had to read “The Unforgiving Road”

The Unforgiving Road has us entering a dystopian world that seeks order in a world while secrets and uncertainties impact how four new “graduates” see and experience the world on ‘the road’. 
Are there character conflicts? Absolutely – both internal and external and well crafted. 

Action? Absolutely! And fair warning that this is not a book for younger readers!

Motorcycles – yes and though I am not an aficionado but I found I was drawn into appreciating the connections the riders have with their machines….and since petrol is a a rare commodity it makes sense that highly efficient motorcycles would be used more than other machines.

Doug takes the reader on an adventure through a bleak landscape with characters that continue to evolve as truths become questioned and unraveled and make the reader wonder how might society change in the future? With Dougs teacher voice coming through, I found The Unforgiving Road to be a fun dystopian (Gunslinger influenced!) read that was just the fiction break I needed!


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