Day 83 (of 185) sometimes Kids know better

Day 83 (of 185) sometimes Kids know better

While preparing for an upcoming mystery skype, my cohort of 3/4 students have been getting better prepared to ask questions based on our continents geography. 

As expected, I have students that know every province AND many that do not know a capital city. That’s normal – we start the geography intensity during these years and three ugh the use of this mystery skype, I have seen an increase in engagement and motivation to learn so that we can best-ask questions to figure out where we are “visiting”. 

It’s a neat learning journey. 

We get to talk about provinces vs states – and what “countries” are all about. 

We are plotting to ask if NBA NHL MLB NFL MLS CFL teams are in-state (knowing we are going to the US) in order to try to narrow down where the class is. 

 We get to talk about geographical features like the Rockies and the Mississippi River – two key features to divide our continent…..

And that’s where it happened…

On the board, as I often have, I wrote the directions:

N/S of the US/Canadian border

E/W of the Rockies and…..”wait Mr Landy”

I paused (because I’ve done this lots…)

“You should put it down as W/E…..because that’s the way we read it on the map.”

Minor thing?? The class was pretty clear – west of the Mississippi was easier to “read” on the map than working from the right. 

Kinda makes sense. 

Wish I thought of that. 


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